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Fit a€“ British jargon for hot, attractive, sensuous, etc

Fit a€“ British jargon for hot, attractive, sensuous, etc

Cockatoo a€“ usually in Australia, this means a part of a group that’s been submitted as a lookout, but Harry most likely doesn’t mean that? Possibly this is actually the Australian version of peacock (meaning fancy and vain)? Example: a€?In my opinion i am quite cheeky, and I also’m a bit of a cockatoo.a€?-Harry (e1)

Proper dead a€“ a means of conveying upright, no BS intensity sample: a€?Imagine if it got, like, correct lifeless intercourse, too

Crack on a€“ let us see facts mobile! Why don’t we have another run! Instances: a€?i might’ve appreciated any time you’d merely mentioned, a€?Hi, bro,’ like… a€?i understand its a shit opportunity, but i truly should crack in with Frankie.’a€?-Harry (e5) a€?And if we include going to render this another crack, we need to promise one another several circumstances.a€?-Harry (e6)

Crikey a€“ An Australian exclamation which is a by-product of screaming a€?Christ!a€? Example: a€?You merely say one word, like, very loud at a bar, a€?Crikey.’ Immediately after which, growth, ladies are available over.a€?-Harry (e1)

Nice a€“ to-be romantically attracted to or contemplating advice: a€?You’ve recognized that we fancied Rhonda from when I come in, right?a€?-David (e4) a€?i could inform which he fancies the jeans off ya.a€?-Nicole (e6)

and doesn’t necessarily has almost anything to perform with physical fitness, until you pick muscle groups hot/attractive/sexy instances: a€?The gaff is unwell. The wild birds are searching fit.a€?-Kori (e6) a€?The males are very healthy.a€?-Lydia (e6) a€?Fit, wonderful human body, got to need banter.a€?-Kori (e6) a€?The fittest bird’s thinking about myself.a€?-Kori (e7)

Gaff a€“ a property or house, thus in this situation the Casa Tau luxury hotel instance: a€?The gaff is ill. The birds want in shape.a€?-Kori (e6)

Geezer a€“ in the usa this means a cranky old-man; for the UK, but meaning a male, kinda bro-y dude! Examples: a€?he isn’t my personal normal sort, but their character is unquestionably well worth getting to know considerably. In case they are a geezer in disguise.a€?-Chloe (e5) a€?Needs a geezer, but he maybe a geezer in disguise, and I may indeed have to see past that.a€?-Chloe (e6) a€?A bit of a geezer?a€?-David (e6)

Innit a€“ a much shorter method of claiming a€?Isn’t it?a€? or, in the case hit, a€?didn’t I?a€? sample: a€?At the termination of the afternoon, we protected people some funds, innit?a€?-Kori (e7)

Muggy a€“ some body tricking, fooling, ples: a€?i’m entirely mugged off, Kori, to be truthful.a€?-Chloe (e7) a€?If you want to view it as muggy, it really is muggy.a€?-Kori (e7)

Nan a€“ a grandma Example: a€?I am sure I am able to keep my personal legs closed for 100K. If I’m attracted, I’ll be like, a€?Think of your nan!’a€?-Chloe (e1)

Palapa a€“ maybe not slang, what Lana phone calls the place where she mice on singles; its an open-sided framework with a thatched roofing sample: a€?Now, I must ask you to make your way to the palapa.a€?-Lana (e1)

Shag a€“ to possess sexual intercourse with; so that as silly because word appears to Us citizens, it actually was as soon as regarded pretty vulgar in the united kingdom advice: a€?Dating a guy inside external community, they’d you need to be a shag

Pitch a€“ Ground that’s been noted off and ready to perform football, cricket, or hockey on-so, like, an area Example: a€?Might getting playing for a passing fancy pitch, but various leagues, bro.a€?-Kelz (e5)

Possum a€“ an expression of endearment in Australia, kinda like a€?honeya€? or a€?babea€? but empowered by those beady-eyed critters advice: a€?What up, you naughty little possum?a€?-Harry (e1) a€?I’m a rule breaker. Francesca’s a naughty little possum.a€?-Harry (e2)

Rocket a€“ Francesca suspected correct, as it means a hot woman Example: a€?Rocket. Understand what it means? You’re like, skyrocket. From this world.a€?-Kori (e7)