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Issues he like (3 facts) : workout, delicious affairs, only waiting truth be told there without a thought, are alone

Issues he like (3 facts) : workout, delicious affairs, only waiting truth be told there without a thought, are alone

92. The affiliate that is many much like your : a€?V Hyung. He is random, our very own comedic wires fit well, and I also consider our characters become close.a€? (visibility written by Jungkook)

94. He will at the very least try to placed an attempt in this : a€?Things I’m undertaking now, and items we’ll have to do.a€? (visibility compiled by Jungkook)

96. A track the guy wanna suggest for you : Sweden Laundry a€“ a€?Voice’ (he like unfortunate songs). (visibility authored by Jungkook)

97. What you think about once you can’t rest : a€?Thoughts lying over a lake overnight in which there is any, the moonlight are right up, and cherry blossoms is traveling in the air.a€? (visibility published by Jungkook)

98. Your representative photos and films : a€?My woman cluster dancing video clip at Weekly Idols, N.O coat photo.a€? (Profile compiled by Jungkook)

99. The standing in BTS that he write: a€?Rap hyung a€“ Jin hyung a€“ Suga hyung a€“ desire hyung a€“ Jim hyung a€“ V hyung a€“ Jeongguk.a€? (visibility written by Jungkook)

The guy mentioned that we should tape they at once, and that’s how we developed the lyrics

103. His purpose : a€?i wish to play better to the point in which individuals lips would fall and I need to being smart.a€? (Profile written by Jungkook)

a€“ Jin, a€?Although the guy seems like a danhobak (T/N: danhobak is pumpkin, nevertheless the danho is made use of as wordplay for e‹?i??i•?e‹¤/danhohada therefore stern), for me it seems like a thought. He is very poor at not wanting needs.a€?

a€“ Rap beast, a€?Individualistic, does not communicate garments. Washes his garments individually. Hook timid-ness that is like a maknae. Although he desires to seem manly, he is actually a cutie. Although their passion overflows, it generally does not embark on long. Puberty, edgy, nevertheless sounds cute.a€?

Let us praise your self : a€?You’re proficient at whatever is due to the body providing you see, and also you overflow in desire

(T/N: it sounds much like danjeon hoheup in fact it is breathing), a€?He maknae just who speaks backs a whole lot and doesn’t listen. Although their identity is very compassionate… I Additionally don’t have any answer for his personalitya€?

a€“ Suga, a€?Because he’s the youngest, he’s however immature. But the guy demonstrably reveals what the guy enjoys and just what he dislikes.a€?

105.Jeongguk identity, a€?Loud on occasion peaceful occasionally, filled with desire, and I imagine he is somewhat foolish. There are lots of issues the guy would like to carry out. Doesn’t always lose features a good sense of pleasure. Truthfully, locates lots of things boring.a€?

a€“ Manager, a€?Jungkook, be sure to rise when i aftermath you upwards each day. Occasionally i actually think frightened you never push after all like a stone sculpture. Additionally sleep-in the sleep.a€? (hip-hop Mon, a€?He was sleeping in jimin’s bed last night actually. Very, jimin must sleep-in the room.a€?)

107. Jungkook About a€?Can your switch off your own Phone’ Song in a€?Dark and crazy’ Album. a€“ Jungkook, a€?Rap Mon and I also happened to be wanting to produce new lyrics, but could not. So we chose to call-it a night. Rap Monster woke me right up in the middle of the night because the guy developed the idea your lyrics. When he heard the locking and messaging noise while fiddling with his smartphone. a€?

109. Lovable Jungkook cover in a box at Arirang After college (140827) setting location in which he stated no-one will know your.

110. Jungkook did a€?Self PR energy purpose’ at M!Countdown starts (140918). The guy sing the smooth type of Fitness dating app his component in the tune a€?Danger’.