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Really does cougar lives work.what now ? if some of your RV 12v bulbs stop working?

Really does cougar lives work.what now ? if some of your RV 12v bulbs stop working?

Well, that is an effective question and another Katie and that I became all too familiar with multiple evenings in the past.

The good news is for all of us, we found a fairly easy fix in order to get our lights support and working.

It’s crucial that you keep in mind that Katie and I also are in absolutely no way pro electricians. We troubleshot our very own ways through this problem by doing investigation and bringing the strategy that made the essential sense to you. When you’re uncertain of something it’d be best to contact an expert or carry out more analysis.

What to do if Some of the RV 12V lighting are amiss

Katie and I become including dimmers to a couple of of our tailor made lighting fixtures. While looking forward to the dimmers from inside the post we got on the light above the couch for a sense of exactly how we’d install them.

Everything had been supposed smoothly until we put the light fixture support. After we reconnected anything we knew it wasn’t doing work. Regardless we experimented with we’re able ton’t get it working. What happened?

Dimmers are getting in the mason container bulbs inside the bed room too, therefore we got all of them right down to sample inside the living room. The primary goal here was to see if the issue got with this light installation or with these RV 12V bulbs.

Shortly we discovered it had been a much bigger challenge than the light fixture. Not just would the mason jar bulbs perhaps not operate in the living room area, the good news is they didn’t work with the sack sometimes. This leftover you truly mislead.

Check out the movie below where I go through that which we did to get our very own RV 12V bulbs employed once more:

Generally there we had been with three of our RV 12v lighting no longer working. The first thing we seen was all the other lighting are functioning fine.


Some lighting fixtures within an RV have changes found on a control interface. Including, the light fixture above our very own sofa have a switch close to the tips, this is certainly additionally where our 12v on/off turn can be found. To begin with we inspected had been that turn was on.

Once we realized the installation need obtaining power we knew we must collect a current tester. A YouTube fans (RV Habit) talked about this tester, which will give you the real reading on the volts, i believe we’ll getting picking one up eventually.

The situation is truly the only shops that marketed current testers are already closed when it comes to night. And so I toyed around with a couple of additional options. I flipped the routine breakers, tried the 12v detachment fuse, and also fired up the RV.

The routine breakers didn’t help, the 12v detachment fuse was a student in very good condition, and switching on the RV didn’t perform a great deal deciding on all of those other RV 12v lights happened to be operating.

We could’ve made use of our very own needle-nose pliers to pull out of the fuses to check out if they had been bad. But rather, we located a very good way to incorporate a voltage tester to evaluate fuses therefore we waited till the second early morning.

More Hiccups

The next day we found the voltage tester and easily recognized we weren’t obtaining any power to the three bulbs that weren’t operating. Therefore we went back towards fuse box so that you can decide to try brand new technique using voltage tester.

Better, that performedn’t work-out since there is absolutely nothing personally to ground the voltage tester to. Eventually we’d to get each fuse to evaluate these with needle nostrils pliers.

The Trouble

We receive two blown fuses. I was types of pleased concerning this because it revealed myself we in reality have difficulty.

It’s vital when a fuse blows in an attempt to earn a far better comprehension of precisely why it blew to start with.

I’m certain that the mason container lights inside rooms blew the fuse due to the fact hot and ground cables touched. The family room light, in contrast, ended up being a tad bit more tricky. We lately re-wired the installation that can has a mix up within the connections inside fixture.

We won’t enter into information on how we solved that here. But examine in the future because we’re gonna clarify exactly how we created the light fixtures.

The Perfect Solution Is

The solution to correcting our RV 12v lighting ended up being changing the fuses. If we changed the 2 blown fuses, and set the light fixture above the sofa every lights worked once again.

In this situation it absolutely was as simple as changing the fuses that had blown. Nevertheless’s crucial that you note fuses strike for reasons. Fortunately for all of us this time it had been because some cable have entered. If you notice a fuse will continue to blow it’s crucial that you look a little much deeper to find the influence.

do not skip to see the video above if you’d like to see how we got rid of and changed the fuses.

We hope this info assisted get you on course to repairing the issues with your RV 12v lights. If hardly anything else hopefully it provides you an excellent place to start.

Maybe you have have issues with lighting fixtures inside RV? exactly how did you wind up dealing with it, and do you find the cause of the disruption?